Background Information About CRF

CRF started as Coast Mining Forum in 1999 in response to a proposed titanium mining project by Tiomin Resource Company of Canada in Kwale District along the Kenya Coast.

The Forum was initiated to campaign against the proposed project in view of the looming environmental dangers and human rights abuse that would follow if the project were to go ahead in the manner in which it was proposed.

CRF is a coalition of thirteen civil society organizations with a network of over two thousand community based organization in the seven districts of the Coast Province of Kenya. It used to operate under the auspices of Kenya Human Rights Commission. CRF is now operating under the legal umbrella of Rasilimali na Ustawi Pwani Trust

Our Vision

A vibrant society where rights, equality and justice are enjoyed by all.

Our Mission

To build powerful networks of people’s organization in order to defend rights and promote social justice and equality.


  • To respond to existing mining challenges in the Coast Province
  • To support community based organizations in their struggles for sustainable development and evolution of a democratic and just society.
  • To ensure equity in natural resources utilization for the benefit of the current and future generations.
  • To promote sound environment, social and economic governance.